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Baby Shower Games (that aren't cringe)

We promise you won’t find a 500 word intro here about why we are the authority on all things baby shower related but we can tell you we’ve been to many a baby shower and played many baby themed games. 

If you’re reading this we assume you’ve got a baby shower just around the corner and you’re keen to be the hostess with the mostest or the host whose totally worth a boast but you’re dodging a minefield full of cringe including birth themed cakes, poop themed games and many other things that honestly make you feel a bit ick.

Rest assured it is possible to have a cute, classy but fun baby shower without having to break the bank in the process.

So cutting straight to the goods, here are our favourite baby shower games and activities that are actually fun and cute:

 A keepsake guestbook – be it polaroid guest book, a finger print canvas or requesting people bring books with a signed message for the baby instead of a card we love to send the parents-to-be home with a keepsake they’ll treasure

 The Price is Right – in this game guest will guess the price of essential baby items and whoever is the closest to the total wins a prize. A quick, fun and easy to organise game with very little prep required.

Advice & Wishes – a nice sentimental activity for those who aren’t as keen on poop or vagina themed games, all you need to do is hand out some advice cards and pens or set up a station where guests can fill out their well wishes for the parents-to-be

Baby ABC – another game that is very low on prep and helps guests get into the party spirit. Hand out sheets of paper with lines labelled A – Z , instruct the guests to name a baby themed item beginning with each letter of the alphabet.  Set a time limit and give a prize to the guest with the most (genuine) answers wins.

Dummy Hunt – hear us out because we know this one sounds a bit silly but honestly people love a treasure hunt….admit it; its fun! Hide dummies around the venue and tell the guests at the beginning of the event that the person who finds the most dummies wins a prize, watch peoples competitive nature kick in.

Celebrity Heads Mum Edition – this makes for a great warm up game as guests are arriving, no need for a prize just encourage people to get to know each other. Put a label on the back of each guest entering the event with the name of a famous mum and get everyone to ask each other questions until they can guess the mumma….some inspo for you Serena Williams, Kris Jenner, Goldie Hawn, Mila Kunis…the list goes on and on!

Name that Tune – Create a playlist, hand out paper and pens then play a few seconds of each track to get guests to write down the name of the songs / artists with the most correct answers winning a prize. You can pick songs important to the couple or stick with baby themed songs like Ice Ice Baby, Baby Got Back, Sweet Child O’ Mine! 

We hope you’ve found some inspo for some games you’ll actually enjoy, time to get that party started. 

If you’d like some extra help with printed games, decorations and party favours send us a message or shop our store.