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Baby Shower Gift Guide (for those who are baby-clueless)

Have a baby shower coming up but don’t personally know any babies so have no idea what to bring? Boo, we get it.

Or maybe babies just aren’t your thing…..babe, no judgement here!

Baby shower gifting is like no other and if you don’t know your swaddle from your nappy caddy it can be a bit overwhelming especially because we all know the baby shower tradition is to watch the mum open the gifts one by one and react collectively to the cuteness of the smallest socks in the world *panics*. The internet is filled with lists of must-have baby products that mystify those of us who have never changed a nappy....hint: this is not one of those gift guides.

We love baby showers almost as much as we love giving gifts so we’ve put together a list of our top 5 unique gift ideas for our party loving fam who are a little bit baby-clueless. We’ve focused on the sentiment behind the gift so that they can fit in any budget and help you avoid stepping foot inside into a store that sells anything to do with lactation or changing nappies.

1. Something for the mum-to-be
Believe it or not, the one person who’s often left out at a baby shower is the guest of honour – the mum-to-be! She totally deserves something special to remind her how incredible she is (she’s growing a human – what is more boss than that?!?).
Surprise her with an incredible mummy package at a local spa, a luxury pair of PJs for the hospital or even a voucher to her favourite salon to get her hair / nails done before the arrival.

2. Something for the parents-to-be
Similar to above its okay to shy away from the nappies, baby wipes and soft plush toys – the parents-to-be deserve to feel celebrated too!
Gift them a night of baby sitting along with a cinema voucher for a night out, a Netflix voucher so you can help them binge watch great content during all those upcoming weekends in their new-parent-bubble or even a voucher for a food or cleaning service to help for those first few weeks.

3. The gift of sleep
Sounds like a miracle, we know, but in our eyes sleep consultants like Soothing2Sleep are legit miracle workers. Get the parents-to-be the expert advice that you cannot provide.

Many sleep consultants provide infant packages to help set some healthy sleep habits early, it’s a unique and thoughtful gift that will keep on giving for years to come.

4. Books never fail
Honestly, as simple as it sounds books never fail to please. Gift the impending arrival with one of your childhood favourites with a message inside the cover to say what the book means to you and how important their parents are to you. 

5. Get crafty
We know this one isn’t for everyone but if you knit – make a beanie. If you sew – make a playmat. If you draw – frame an illustration. Pinterest is filled with inspiration for heartfelt, homemade gifts. Don’t be afraid to show them your love in a creative way that’s unique to you.

But if none of this really feels right for you: GO PRACTICAL. Seriously you can never have too many baby wipes, wash cloths or swaddles. Babies grow so fast (and they make a huge mess as they do), that cute pink tutu is totally adorable but it will be used for one photo moment then never see the light of day again.

And for those of you in charge of organising the big celebration, don’t worry, we’ve got you there too. We can help simplify the process to make the planning an absolute breeze that’s our whole thing! See our baby shower boxes here.

Happy gifting gang xx