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Hosting the Perfect Virtual Baby Shower

We’re going to do our best to avoid as many pandemic clichés as we can, like over use of the word ‘unprecedented’, but its impossible to deny that COVID19 has flipped 2020 upside-down! Weddings = postponed. Birthday celebrations = cancelled. Brunch = take away (but let’s be honest its not quite the same without the gals).

One thing that cannot be put on hold – all of the gorgeous bundles of joy on their way and all the mummas-to-be who deserve to be celebrated. Depending on where you’re located, restrictions might have started to ease, but large group events and people travelling from afar to celebrate are still a while off.

A popular alternative – the virtual baby shower. Fun, easy to organise and the mumma-to-be gets an incredible memory to treasure forever.

What is a virtual baby shower?

A virtual baby shower is exactly what you’d assume - a baby shower that’s hosted online via a live stream.

It is a great option for those who have family and friends who live far away and also a fun alternative for people who might not have the ability or feel comfortable to meet in large groups at the moment, but still want to take part in the celebration of new life.

What do we do during a virtual baby shower?

The activities for a virtual baby shower can be almost exactly the same as you would have in person from games to opening gifts and just generally having a chat and a catch up.

You can keep it simple by just providing your guests with a time, a platform, and play a few quiz style games or you can level up with decorations, party favours and printed games for each guest, pre-organised and posted. We have virtual baby shower packs available with all elements delivered to the door of each guest ready for the party!

 Step by step guide for planning your virtual baby shower

  1. Pick your hosting platform

Before you can host your baby shower, you’ll need to pick a suitable hosting platform. Sounds pretty obvious, we know, but honestly we had some teething issues with a recent girls night in catch up so make sure you jump on and give it a test with a couple of friends.

There is an abundance of options and by now most people will have a favourite; Facebook Messenger, Houseparty, Zoom and Hangouts are all great options.


  1. Create a guest list

Now you’ve picked the right hosting platform for you its time to come up with a guest list.

 It is better to keep online parties a little more intimate as the more people you have online the harder it can be to keep the conversation flowing comfortably. So focus on the absolute nearest and dearest, if the guest of honour is an absolute social butterfly you may want to consider the option of having a couple of different, shorter sessions for each group.

  1. Decide on gifts

Not always a comfortable topic but it is time to find out if the guest of honour would like to register for gifts through one of the many online options available or if perhaps they would like to supply a list of things needed for the impending arrival for you to provide to guests privately.

 Each mumma is different, no right or wrong way to go about it, but we think most people love love love to celebrate by buying gorgeous things, so make sure you leave the opportunity there for people to shower the guest of honour with gifts from afar.

 Gifts can be delivered to the organiser of the event or one guest who lives close to the mumma to be could drop them off prior to the event. If gifts are ordered online with gift wrapping included, it is easiest to have them delivered directly to the guest if honour. Unwrapping the gifts is a baby shower tradition and always such a lovely moment, absolutely no different online.

  1. Create and send out invitations

You can send out traditional printed invitations or keep with the virtual theme and send out electronic invites.

What to include:

  • Details on the date and time of your live event
  • A link to join the group or meeting
  • A link to your registry or gift details with a ship-to address

  1. Plan your games

Hosting online means you will need to be a bit more strategic with your game selection but there are still so many options. Our packs come with games provided to make things a bit easier but if you are looking for DIY style, we recommend looking at quiz style games where people can jump in with an answer or write down their answers on a piece of paper as you go.

 Another great option is each guest guessing the birth date, gender and name; just make sure you mark down the answers as you go!

  1. Decorate!

Being online doesn’t mean we can’t get a bit jazzy, you may be able to wear your PJ pants in secret but behind you can be a super extra backdrop! Streamers, pom poms, balloons or even a banner, whatever you can get your hands on! Make sure you get into the spirit and encourage your friends to as well.

Get creative, don’t be afraid to sit on a cushion fort on the floor, or use your indoor plants to jazz up your space with some greenery.

  1. Collaborate!

Chat to the gals, get everyone to agree on the perfect photo moment….all have a glass of bubbles in hand for a toast…all have a hand full of confetti at the ready….all bake cupcakes or cookies to make sure it feels like you’re at the same party.

Have fun with it. Make it your own and make it memorable.

That’s it from us, you’re ready to go live! You’ve got it babes, have the best time celebrating.

Don’t let distance or restrictions stop you from living your best life with your gal pals XO