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Top 5 Hens Day Tips for the Time-Poor Bridesmaid

So, you’re part of a bridal party, an ‘I do’ crew, and need to plan the hens day or bachelorette party for the bride but your spare time is pretty much non-existent? We hear you. We’ve been there!

You want it to be amazing, you want them to know how loved they are.  There is a lot more pressure and a lot more stress than people would assume.

We’ve put together our top tips for keeping it simple:

Chat to the guest of honour

Let’s start with one of the habits of highly effective people – let’s start with the end in mind.  Before you set budgets, talk guest list or venues have a chat with the guest of honour to find out what they would really enjoy so you know what direction to go.

You can keep it very general, so you don’t ruin any surprises, by asking questions like:

  • Would you prefer something laidback or are you keen to get a bit outrageous?
  • Is there anything that is off limits? Strippers? Penis straws? Life drawing?
  • Do you want to do a separate event or do a combined event with the future Mr / Mrs?
  • Is there anything you want us to keep in mind when planning? Something you’ve always wanted to do?

Divide & Conquer

Believe us when we say – someone needs to take the lead; someone will need to rally the troops. 

There will be a lot of opinions flying around and it can get ugly, that’s why the first step is so important, keep referencing what your guest of honour actually wants.  Afterall, it isn’t about the bridal party it is about the people getting married!

Your time is precious so set a clear plan then divide up the tasks amongst the bridal party so everyone is involved.

Pick a simple theme

You can spend hours going through Etsy and Pinterest to find an outrageous theme that will take hours to organise then hours more to set up, if that’s their vibe, but if you want to keep it simple and save on time we recommend picking an elegant colour theme and building everything around that.

Purchase your invites, games and signage together to fit your colour theme and if you can, pick a supplier (like us) who will deliver everything to your door so you won’t need to worry about printing!

If you keep everything consistent it will look polished and the colour theme will help with decision making when you are in the planning phase.

You can build your own celebration box with us to invitations, games, signage, decorations, party favours and gifts if you want to sort the theme in one go! 


We are all for DIY, we love arts, crafts and getting creative but let’s be honest do we have time to do it all ourselves? Not without sending ourselves mad!

There are so many fantastic local small businesses who would love nothing more than help make the day extra special so, if the budget can allow for it, book someone to build that balloon garland, buy those beautiful sugar cookies, hire some entertainment.

You’ll make their day and they will make yours so much easier.

Pick games that are easy to manage

A two second search on Google will tell you that there are endless game options for a hens party, bachelorette or bridal shower.  They range from cute to completely outrageous, sweet to really silly so there are options for every type of bride!

When picking games we like to pick 3 or 4 really fun and inclusive options that suit the guest of honour.  We always try to focus on games with minimal prep required – for example:

 Pick some fun little prizes then have some timeframes in mind for when you want to run the games at the event.

Our last little piece of advice – have fun with it! 

We know it can be stressful and we know there might be a lot of chefs in that kitchen but you are in the bridal party because you know them better than anyone so your only goal is to create some great memories together and show them the love!


Happy planning xx