This is All Box’d Up, the creative passion project of a couple of besties located in South Australia, Anna-May & Nyssa.

We aren’t used to being the centre of attention, we are all about the BTS action, but we figure you’ve stumbled onto our ‘About Us’ for a reason so here is a little bit about our story:
Born from a shared love of celebrating life’s special moments and milestones, coupled with the dream of being boss babes in thriving small business where we are able to share the beautiful things that give us endless joy, All Box’d Up has grown from a dream into a dream come true.
As the name may suggest we lovingly box up all of your celebratory and gifting selections, personalise them based on your brief, add a healthy dose of eco-friendly confetti and deliver them directly to your door or the door of the lucky recipient.
The hens days, the girls nights, the baby showers, the engagements, the bridesmaid proposals, the birthdays, the graduations, the promotions – we are here for every celebration to help you plan the perfect party or build the perfect gift.

All Box’d Up is literally a celebration, in a box!

We don’t tell you what you need, we lovingly build what you dream up.  You curate it, we create it.
We are female led and focus on working with female led businesses.
We are Australian owned & run.
We buy from Australian makers, creators and suppliers.
We are real people, not a big business.
We love each and every order that hits our store (legit happy dances happen).
We wholeheartedly believe in inclusiveness; we feel that being a ‘snowflake’ shouldn’t be an insult – you are unique and to us that’s never a bad thing.  No matter who you love, how you love, what your pronouns are or how you like to celebrate we are 120% here for it all. 
You are the star; we are your back up dancer. You are the party; we bring the vibe.

    Let's get this party started xx