Baby Shower Boxes

Have a baby shower to plan but you’re not sure where to start? Don’t worry, we’ve got you!


Our baby shower boxes are delivered directly to your door with beautifully designed linen invites,  party signage and adorable baby-themed games.  You can customise your box with decorations, party favours and gifts for your guest of honour.


Each box includes:

  • Invitations with envelopes - designed to order
  • Sign: Guest Book (A4)
  • Sign: Gifts & Cards (A4)
  • Sign: Party Favours (A4)
  • Sign: Mumosa Bar (A4)
  • Game: Baby ABC (A5)
  • Game: Name that baby food (A5)
  • Game: The price is right (A5)
  • Wishes & Advice(A5)